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Unistage At The Wolverhampton Leadership Conference - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

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Unistage At The Wolverhampton Leadership Conference

Unistage At The Wolverhampton Leadership Conference - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

22Jun, 2016

Following on from our centre stage appearance at the Inspiring Leadership Conference in Birmingham last week, we’re back on the road this week as we take our modular stage system and all its benefits to Wolverhampton for the 2016 ConnectEd Partnership Leadership Conference.

The conference brings together some of the country’s finest minds in the education sector, including headteachers and senior education leadership executives to further advance the development of the industry to support the growth and progression of Britain’s brightest young minds.

Our exhibition last week and again in Wolverhampton continues to inspire a new wave of confident and charismatic young children, all of whom have been given the opportunity to flourish and grow into themselves and find their own unique voice by performing, telling stories and being recognised by their peers and tutors.

“It’s never been more important for us,” said Unistage Managing Director Steve Huckle, “to get as many bright and brilliant young minds on the stage as we can, because it’s on there they learn a whole range of life skills that will help them across a whole range of ventures in their later lives.”

To his point, here are just a few of life’s important moments that developing your confidence as a child on stage could help:

  • Job interviews
  • Business presentations
  • Speeches
  • Dating
  • Socialising

By developing confidence on a stage, children learn that if you speak clearly and maintain eye contact with people, not only do they listen but they like. These simple techniques can help people in life win jobs, find success in love and live a healthy social life and it’s for this reason that we are promoting the stage so strongly in the education sector.

The conference proves to be the next big step in bringing a simple, easy-to-assemble and portable stage to schools across the country as headteachers were given the chance to see the benefits of a modular Unistage stage live in action.

Amongst the exhibitions, visitors will also have the chance to network with other prominent figures in the sector and listen to the keynote presentations from the industry’s prominent figures.

Guest speakers at the event include Baroness Sue Campbell CBE, Vic Goddard, Alistair Smith and Richard Gerver.


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