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Church Stage Design Ideas | Staging Layouts

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Church Stage Design Ideas

Church Stage Design Ideas | Staging Layouts

13Dec, 2022

As more and more churches try to broaden their reach, the typical “church event” has become even more important than before.

With it has come a completely new world of stage deck systems – something that can matter more than you may think.

Portable church stages have slowly increased in popularity thanks to the advantages they offer, from easy installation to quick customisation.

But are they actually worth using, especially if you already have a traditional stage?

Below, we will delve into the good and bad parts of these stage deck systems, showing you whether this new trend is actually worth the investment.

Choosing the Right Church Stage Design

Our portable stages come in various different styles, all suitable for use as a church stage design. Thanks to the range we offer, churches are able to select the right church stage design to accommodate their particular needs.

Our range of portable stages provides a good variety of church stage design options, colours, materials and a variety of other appearance-related and practical factors.

Layout Considerations for Size and Shape

Whether you want a tiered system for a choir space or need a solid weight-bearing stage for the congregation, the church stage design you choose should match the needs of the churches involved.

Always consider the size, shape and space consumption of your required church stage design. Churches should choose a stage that fits the venue itself, from choir stages to a stage for anybody coming to worship.

Safety Features

Safety and practicality are important, and we make sure that our staging does not put the people using it in unnecessary danger.

We can provide a range of church stage design options that include features like wheelchair access ramps and guard rails, providing more functionality and safety than basic step units would.

Every one of the stages we offer comes from solid weight-bearing stage deck systems.

Despite being modular, none of them is flimsy – we want to ensure minimal issues and maximum reliability, even when using them for unique layouts.

Aesthetic Enhancements

If you need to have your stage blend in with the rest of the stage that already exists, we offer a variety of appearance options to help refine your church stage design.

Our range of appearance means that it is easy to get staging that matches the appearance of your church environment or fits in with other storage and stage systems that you already use.

We can supply valances, facia boards and custom carpet options to improve whatever stage you construct.

The right facia boards can hide the modular nature of these stages and keep the space looking clean.

Modular Solutions for Portable Church Stages

We offer modular stage options as a solution to a common problem that churches face.

While churches often have a stage for choirs or general forms of worship, that stage is only suitable for choirs or related worship events.

Our modular stage options allow churches to worship in whatever way they prefer, letting those churches rearrange the stage system to accommodate a different choir or a completely new choir performance.

Not only can this be used to build a custom choir stage system, but the stage can be taken down or adjusted as needed.

A choir can perform on a stage system for one gathering and then without a stage system for another.

By choosing the right staging system from us, churches can guarantee extra convenience and lower costs while still giving the choir and/or congregation a proper place to gather and focus.

Church Stage Manufacturer

We construct a huge range of stage options for churches, from simple modular choir stage options to entirely unique and bespoke systems.

Our modular options can be adapted on the fly to suit each event or gathering.

Even the most basic choir platform can be changed into a tiered choir system or even removed entirely to clear more space if a choir is not required.

Beyond that, we can produce stages that offer more seating and greater visibility to those visiting the churches.

We understand how important the right staging choices can be to these kinds of spaces and work hard to provide versatile platform choices that do not come with any inherent risks or weaknesses that might get in the way.

Church Stage Designers

Our in-house designers offer a variety of stage options for churches, working to provide full modularity as often as possible.

Our stage systems can be disassembled and reassembled incredibly quickly, as well as being outfitted with all kinds of additional safety or aesthetic features.

We supply many different features and alternative extras to ensure that all churches can have their own unique stages tailored to their needs through an entirely modular system that gives them almost unparalleled freedom.

Not only are the completed builds safe and visually stylish, but they can easily be adapted to match whatever events the churches are hosting.

Church Stage Design Tips

Designing a new stage for your church doesn’t need to be a complex process, especially when working with our team. We specialise in designing and manufacturing unique church stage designs which are configurable and provide solutions for a range of events and spaces.

To help you design your next church stage, we have rounded up some of our top tips below…

  1. Consider the space you have available

This may sound obvious however, considering the space you have available is a key step when thinking about church stage design ideas. Being cautious of overfilling the area with a large and imposing stage can make the space feel smaller however, by creating a configurable stage the space can be much more inviting.

  1. Consider a multi-level stage

We advise considering a multi-level stage for your church. Adding different dimensions to the stage will improve the overall experience and allow those seated at the back of the church a better view. Multi-level stages can be easily designed and manufactured by an experienced team.

  1. Take into account accessibility

Any church stage should take into account accessibility. Having ramps and steps available for church goers and clergy to easily access the stage is key. These can be included as part of the church stage design or as additional extras if multiple access points are required.

  1. Portability and storage

Some churches will be multi-use areas and so, portability and storage are key elements in the design of the stage. Having a heavy and difficult to store stage could present problems for your church. At Unistage we design portable, lightweight staging solutions for churches, where the staging decks can be easily stacked away spaces.

Our church stage design and manufacturing services

At Unistage we work with a huge range of organisations on their staging requirements, taking our time to understand the events their stage will be used for and making recommendations using our experience.

Staging solutions for places of worship require knowledge of creating a stage which can be reconfigured and designed to meet a range of requirements for different events. We have worked with many churches and religious organisations to help them bring their staging ideas to life.

As our team design and manufacture everything in-house, we can create a range of different requirements for church stage design. We can create a range of different design styles, all of which meet our high-quality standards and are manufactured here in the UK. Our team will work with members of your church to create a unique and practical stage design, even for the smallest of

Benefits of Portable Stages for Churches

Portable church stages are often chosen for a single core reason: the stage itself is a lot easier to use.

While a normal stage might have been fine for a standard church environment up until now, the stage is often one of the most important parts of any church space.

Portable stages excel in some key areas, making them a popular choice for a variety of purposes.

Churches often turn to these systems because they are so freeform, giving the customer a massive amount of options.


A stage can be reconfigured and tailored to suit the church productions, from creating a tiered system to spreading the stage out for a wider, more open feel.

This flexibility makes them more cost-effective and a lot more versatile when compared to a typical stage system.

Cost Savings for a Solid Weight-Bearing Stage

These stage platforms are often more budget-friendly than other lines or potential platform options.

Not only can you create a tiered system out of almost nowhere, but the systems themselves can be cheaper than stages that need to be installed semi-permanently.

The lightweight and modular nature of these stage platforms means that you can have any stage design set up and ready to go within an hour, only ever having to replace individual stage platforms that break.

Easy Setup and Transport

These portable stages are easy to set up and can be taken down and put into storage when not needed.

Once in pieces, they can be reconfigured or moved around with almost no effort.

A typical church can accommodate portable stages without having to keep the staging up permanently.

This means that you keep the floor space free for a whole host of other uses and situations.

The nature of portable stages also means that you can move entire staging systems to new churches or other places of worship.

The entire stage design can be translated to a new venue or used for travelling church productions – unlike traditional interior staging.


Our portable stages provide a good variety of options, allowing you to tailor each one to the needs of your choir, churchgoers, or whoever else you might need to accommodate.

Our portable platforms offer a huge amount of versatility and some great practical features, as well as making it easy to tailor each particular setup to suit your current needs.

The ability to take apart and rebuild the modular design enables all kinds of creative options, as well as makes the platform pieces extremely easy to transport.

By incorporating such a wide range of different features into an otherwise simple concept, we are able to ensure maximum satisfaction and excellent results in almost any situation.

Whether you are trying to set up an event outdoors or just want some portable platforms to use for an indoor gathering, we are able to provide the right kind of staging to suit whatever niche requirements you may have.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, do not be afraid to get in touch and talk to our experts about what might fit best for your needs.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the stages we provide for places of worship, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We have worked on a wide variety of projects and have extensive experience in working on projects throughout the UK.

To speak with our team, call 01254 680575 or email info@unistage.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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