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Tiering Examples

500A UniTier

Popular Tiering Combinations

  • 900 B

  • 500 A


Tiered Staging

If you are looking for tiered staging solutions, Unistage is here to help. We offer tiered staging services for standing performers such as choirs or seated audiences. Our strong, stable tiered staging is easy to build and does not require using tools.

Our tiered staging solutions are also designed to save space. We offer sturdy, lightweight staging that is easy to assemble and store between events. It is easily created from exchangeable decks and frames, making it easy to reassemble when needed.

In addition, you can easily use the same tiered staging equipment to create multiple layouts. This flexibility allows you to have different stages to match each unique event and ensures you are getting value from your staging investment.

Unistage Tiered Staging

Tiered staging offers numerous benefits, including allowing your audience to view the point of action even when they are far back from the stage. Whether you need fixed tiering as a permanent solution or portable tiered staging for maximum flexibility, we are here to help.

We have developed a wide range of modular staging designed from lightweight steel and birch ply. Our UniTIER range is designed for easy locking, which secures your stage and gives you a stable platform that can be used both as the focal point or audience platform.

The Tier500 model is especially suited for standing performances, but it can also be used as a secure terraced standing for the audience. It is available in standard measurements of heights of 180mm, 360mm, 540mm and 720mm.

Why Choose Unistage Tiered Staging?

There are numerous benefits of choosing Unistage tiered staging. These include:

  • We offer tiered staging solutions for both standing performers and seated audiences
  • Our tiered staging includes sturdy square base frames and 180mm stacker frames
  • It is available in standard heights of 180mm, 360mm, 540mm and 720mm
  • The tiered staging can be used with our easy-access ramps or steps
  • You get a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sound absorbent design eliminates all noise
  • You can choose from clear lacquered Birch plywood decks, as well as carpeted, stained, or duo-decks
  • It can be easily stored on portable storage shuttle
  • It is easy to assemble and its lightweight designs makes it easy to transport
  • Sufficient legroom for audiences

If you are unsure whether our tiered staging is for you, our team are also on-hand for quick consultations. We can come to you anywhere across the country to help you design the stage layout and customise the measurements for your needs.

Whether you need large layouts that extend around the room for rounded or squared sports halls and leisure centres, we are here to help you find a solution.

Get in Touch With Us For Professional Tiered Staging

We offer simple tiered staging with versatile layouts. From tiering risers to staging solutions, one kit from us is versatile enough to give you several different structures.

We also offer a variety of safety solutions including rails, easy-access ramps, and steps. All our tiered staging is designed and manufactured in-house by our talented team. In addition to installation, we also offer training to help your team learn how to quickly and easily assemble the stage.

If you need our tiered staging for small spaces that are frequently used for other functions, you can easily disassemble it and store the staging for future use. Its lightweight design is also sturdy which makes it perfect for use in schools, community groups, and even commercial events.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our tiered staging services.

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