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    Primary School Case Study

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    Unistage Church Stages

    Church stage design can be a complex process for smaller churches. However, Unistage offers church staging options for all places of worship. Whatever your budget, we can help you design a church stage that will suit your needs.

    Whether you opt for a tiered system or flat podium staging for your church, our modular platforms have many benefits.

    Our range of modular staging is especially ideal for churches, mosques, and other places of worship. This is because they are designed for durability. They are also easy to use and can be quickly assembled when needed.

    Church Staging Solutions

    The stage is one of the focal areas in most places of worship. So, we understand that commissioning a new church stage can seem intimidating and expensive. We have simplified the process so that you can have peace of mind.

    As a professional staging company, we have worked with many churches across the country. You can trust our expertise and our brand. We handle all parts of the church stage commissioning in-house, from design and construction to installation, making the process more cost-effective and reliable.

    All our church stage platforms are extremely high-quality. They are also easy to assemble, reconfigure, and stack away when not in use. This makes them ideal for use in churches with limited space and larger churches that require flexible staging.

    We provide a wide range of adaptable demountable church staging options. Unistage manufactures high performance staging for any event with a traditional or more modern appearance.

    Although lightweight, our church stages are built using high-quality steel for improved strength. They are also fully interlocking for safety.

    The Unistage range of portable stages for churches can also be customised with quick-release support systems that allow flat assembly on uneven areas.  The use of stage platforms, choir risers and stage deck systems allow for a solid weight bearing stage and can also be quickly converted within minutes.

    In addition, our church stage design team offers renders and plans to give you an idea of the final product and make changes according to your needs. All our church stage platforms are completely stand-alone, so you will not have to adjust the building to accommodate them.

    Choose Unistage Church Staging Platforms

    Our church staging solutions are designed to contribute to your church’s aesthetics. Whether it is a large cathedral or a small church, we offer custom finishes and optional extras such as carpeting, communion rails or steps.

    Our UK-designed church staging solutions can also be tailored to specific heights and shapes according to your project requirements. If you are interested in church staging, Unistage is here to help.

    We offer a no-obligation quote as well as a demonstration from our team. Our versatile church stages allow you to customise and move your church events conveniently. The legs are easily removable, giving you different heights or creating a tiered stage for choirs.

    The adaptability of our range of church staging solutions makes them ideal for all places of worship, big or small. If your stage has pillars or is unusually shaped, our team are happy to offer a site visit to take measurements and design suitable staging platforms.

    All our systems are compatible with accessories to help your stage blend into the church environment and serve the needs of your congregation.

    We can supply valances that hang at the front of the stage to cover the legs, custom carpet options, backdrops for church productions, facia boards, guard rails, and more.

    Step units and ramps for wheelchair access are also available and easy to add to each

    Get in touch with us to get a quote and learn more about our vast array of lightweight, multifunctional church staging solutions.

    Stages For Places of Worship

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    Professional Staging Solutions Nationwide

    UK Manufactured

    Our team are UK based and each step of our design and manufacturing process is carried out at our UK headquarters.

    Easy Assembly

    Our easy to assemble staging solutions offer hundreds of different configurations, offering a versatile staging solution.


    Lightweight and easy to move, we provide portable staging solutions which can be installed in a range of venues.


    Our high quality materials and manufacturing process means our stages are extremely durable and come with a 10-year warranty.

    Recent Case Studies

    Coventry Cathedral

    Complete seated tiering install

    Primary School Case Study

    Complete stage creation & Install

    Nottingham Trent University

    Complete stage creation & Install

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