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Top ideas for this year’s sports day! - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

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Top ideas for this year’s sports day!

Top ideas for this year’s sports day! - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

24Apr, 2015

In just a number of weeks schools will be out for summer, which means also those end-of-year events need to be planned now.

One event that’s certain to feature in your summer calendar is sports day.

Rewarding, challenging and exciting, we can’t imagine a school year without it.

However, just because sports day is a tradition it doesn’t mean the activities themselves have to remain the same, year-on-year. So why not spice your sports day up a little bit with these fabulously fun ideas from the Unistage team…

Pre-school and primary


Image Credit: Telegraph

Balancing act

Forget the egg and spoon race, how about getting the little ones to balance small bean bags on their head?

Hopping around

We’re not talking about the three-legged race this time, or a sack race – we’re getting inspired by all things retro with a race on space hoppers!

The Spiderman race

Great for superhero wannabes – to complete the Spiderman race entrants have to run along on all fours, backsides in the air, as if they were Spidey climbing a wall!

On target

Replace darts with a water balloon for this fun and exciting challenge. Draw a number of rings on the ground with points increasing the closer the rings are to the centre. Get each child to throw a water balloon and record the number of points for each throw.



Go all Olympics with a mini-triathlon aimed at all sports enthusiasts. Unlike arbitrary race ideas, Olympic-style competitions give the older age groups something worth competing for.

Tug of war

Great for the testosterone filled boys; tug of war allows youths to demonstrate their strength and provides a fantastic activity for those who are less nimble on their feet!

In the net

Basketball and netball shooting competitions are great for those who want to get involved with something a little different from running. See who can shoot the most in one minute.

11+ sportsday

Image Credit: RBCS

Unistage staging to complete your event

Once the games are over why not enjoy a mini-awards ceremony?

With your Unistage staging set up for event you can award the best teams and stand out pupils with small rewards and recognition on stage.

Best of all, proud parents will love it! Awards ceremonies are the perfect opportunity for capturing special moments of your little one’s childhood on film.

To find out about our staging solutions, and how you can use them in your school, get in touch today on 01254 680 575. Our modular staging solutions are incredibly popular in the education sector, one reason being their versatility. Rather than purchasing a number of different staging solutions, our modular blocks work together to form a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet all your staging needs. From catwalks to assemblies and sports day – with Unistage you only need one solution.

What are you doing for your sports day? Share your unique sporting games with us in the comments below or tweet us @Unistage

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