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Staging The Lion King Live In School Theatre - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

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Staging The Lion King Live In School Theatre

Staging The Lion King Live In School Theatre - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

1Jun, 2016

“It’s our problem-free philosophy,” said Unistage owner Steve Huckle with a cheeky grin as he remarked at the result of this fabulous, beautiful and resplendent stage system being installed in the hall of Broadclyst Primary School in Exeter, for a rousing and utterly brilliant production of The Lion King by the children.

Quoting the evergreen and infamous line from Hakuna Matata only served to be crux of the celebrations as the wonderful lighting and projection from Broadclyst brought the stage system’s frames and blocks to life.

The children were in fantastic voice and offered a truly amazing spirit and infectious energy as they wowed, charmed and exhilarated the watching audience of proud parents, teachers and members of the local community.

The children performing The Lion King on the Unistage stage.


The stage system they used was a simple but effective one-tier stage with a small thrust from the main drapes to extend out towards the audience space and platforms on either side where the other children in the troupe and chorus could stand. We also featured half-length platforms to aid children in the climb up to and down from the stage, making it simpler, easier and safer.

We’re thrilled and proud to say that Broadclyst were as happy with the turnaround from us in delivering the stage as we were with the final look of the stage and their incredible set design and costumes!

“We certainly are [happy with our new stage],” they wrote to us on Twitter, “it made the show really special. Thank you for the quick turnaround!”

A Unistage modular stage system, all dressed up and ready to go.

No problem Broadclyst! We’re always happy to help and seeing the children across Britain find their voices on stage and have so much fun is the one thing above all others that motivates us to do what we do, so we couldn’t be happier with the result.

It’s true that we believe schools, specifically primary and secondary schools, are the ones who benefit the most from our portable stages. The brilliance of them is that they can be hired or bought from us, delivered and collected by us and – if you buy the stage – stored very easily and compactly in a small space, as the frames and wooden tops and are both stackable.

It’s because of this that schools all across the country, whether as part of an official drama programme or as a hire for a special seasonal or end-of-year production, are seeing their pupils grow into confident, inspiring and charismatic young men and women, with a bright future ahead of them.

If you yourself or someone you know in your school is thinking about putting on a production or wants a space to recognise your pupils for their excellence and award them, why not enquire with us now about how you can buy or hire a stage or book a free, live demonstration at your school today!

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