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Setting The Stage For A New World Record - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

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Setting The Stage For A New World Record

Setting The Stage For A New World Record - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

18May, 2016

Celebrating after completing a 28 hour racketball marathon

This past Friday, two men set a new world record for charity and friends, family and loved ones were there to see it happen.

Aidan Keane and Matt Fletcher played, consecutively, 28 straight hours of racketball for the Edward’s Trust charity and we were proud to supply them with tiered spectator staging for viewers to watch them achieve their remarkable feat.

As reported in their blog, in the process of the 28 hours of continuous play, Aidan and Matt between them:

  • Ran 28 miles
  • Burnt 18,000 calories
  • Hit over 100,000 balls
  • Drank 40 Litres of water
  • Used 26 ice packs
  • and wore 56 t-shirts and pairs of socks

The world record attempt was a challenge that both Matt and Aidan had wanted to take on for many months, and the opportunity to provide for a local charity only further motivated the two men in undertaking a difficult and strenuous task.

“[It was] the perfect opportunity to raise a bit of cash for a local charity that we were both aware of called Edward’s Trust who look after and support bereaved children. Brilliant, independant, local to the event and in much need of funding, needing £1500 a day just to keep the doors open,” they write on the front page of their website.

Edward’s Trust is a local charity based out of Edgbaston in Birmingham, where the marathon was played. They provide help and support for families who have suffered bereavements, particularly children who have lost parents or guardians.

“We offer a package of supportive care that recognises the life changing impact of grief as well as the unique response of each individual,” they write on their website, which if you live in the Edgbaston area and know a family who have suffered a bereavement and need help, you can browse for help here.

The charity needs approximately £1,500 worth of funds a day to remain in operation, which was why Aidan and Matt were determined to raise a solid amount to support them for the month.

Their efforts have so far seen almost £10,000 raised and donations can continue to be made through the JustGiving fundraising page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/racketballworldrecordattempt

We’re proud to have been a part of enabling the activities of the day by providing the staging that spectators took their position upon as they watched Matt and Aidan toil their way to a brand new world record and offer our huge congratulations to both men, the organisers, supporters and physicians for making the attempt a big success.

Here are a few photos from the event, courtesy of their Flickr page

People watch on as the record breaking game of racketball is played

5 hours and 24 minutes to go for the world record

The Unistage tiered stage that spectators observed the new record from

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