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Out With The Old – In With The New! - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

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Out With The Old – In With The New!

Out With The Old – In With The New! - Portable Staging | Modular Stages | Unistage Ltd

24Nov, 2013

While there’s no way of promising you a white Christmas, we’re using our recycling savvy to promise customers who are looking to replace old and damaged staging a green Christmas!

When you’re treading the boards, the last thing you want is to be worried about the rickety staging beneath your feet. If your old staging solution has seen better days, it could well be time to trade it in for a new and sturdier solution.

Unistage is offering customers who choose to part exchange their old staging with us a whopping 15% off the cost of their new Unistage units. And not only that – we’ll take your old staging and recycle it, so you can rest assured that you’re doing the eco-friendly thing, as well as the finance-friendly one!

Quality bespoke staging can be the heart of a school, church or community centre. Unistage staging solutions are designed to fit your needs every time – whether you need a platform for presentations and performances, a multi-level stage for theatre productions or a tiered arrangement for audience seating, we can help.

Our customised staging solutions are easy to store and can be arranged in different configurations every time – the only limit is your imagination!

Here at Unistage, we understand that bespoke staging solutions are an investment. That’s why all of our custom stage sets are crafted with quality in mind. We offer all our customers complete peace of mind – guaranteed!

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied by our modular staging units that we offer a 10-year guarantee against manufacture or workmanship faults.

Our bespoke staging comprises sturdy steel frames and high quality birch plywood decks – strong enough to support the weight of 10 fully grown adults, but light enough for you to be able to put your stage together easily, and with no assistance.

And because Health and Safety is paramount to our values, each of our products undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the high standards that we at Unistage pride ourselves on.

Whether you’re looking to invest in flat staging, multi-level staging sets, or even tiering, contact a member of the Unistage team today to arrange your part-exchange and 15% discount.

We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your new staging solution is a good fit, so put your faith in us and get the custom staging solution to suit you – today!

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