Unistage Has Got It Covered: Get A FREE Upgrade To Carpeted Staging

While the New Year is here, and that’s always a reason for a bit of cheer, the days are still a bit cold and dark.

So, in a bid to brighten things up a bit, Unistage is offering customers the chance to get much more for their money with an end-of-winter sale!

Until the end of February, we’re giving all our customers a FREE upgrade from standard to carpeted staging.

Why Choose Carpeted Staging?

Just like our standard modular staging, our carpeted staging is lightweight, manageable and really simple to stow away when not in use.

Ideal for a range of purposes, our carpeted staging is particularly suited to large venues that have a tendency to echo, making a huge difference to church services, presentations and performances.

Our carpeted staging:

  • Is strong and hard-wearing
  • Offers a neat, high quality surface
  • Is fully customisable
  • Is designed to be non-slip

And with our end-of-winter sale, you’re looking at an even better deal than usual!

Serious Savings on Carpeted Stage Solutions

Take advantage of our free upgrade on carpeted staging and you’ll make a serious saving: £15 per Unideck and £8 per step, to be precise!

When you take into account the number of Unidecks in each of our modular staging solutions, our end-of-winter offer represents savings of £190 on some of our smaller sets (set 12 at 360) – and, of course, significantly more on our larger ranges.

Get Your FREE Upgrade To Carpeted Staging Today!

Kick off 2014 in style and make the most of your staging solution. Whether for a school, church or other venue, our carpeted staging is the perfect fit.

You’ve only got until the end of February to take advantage of this special deal, so contact our friendly team today. You can even book a completely free demo to make sure that a Unistage modular staging solution is right for you, so go on – drop us a line!