Staging for every primary school need

At Unistage, the education sector is one of our biggest clients. We provide staging for a number of schools across the country, that pick our products because of their durability and ease of use.

Our modular staging systems are extremely useful and can be used to aid a number of important aspects of the curriculum. Today, we’ll be looking at just a few of these…

Unistage in action

School assemblies

Our flat staging is ideal for assemblies and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes. As the staging is made up of equally sized squares, it can also be configured to fit in your environment – which is important in a busy school hall full of students. With the option of either a 540mm high or 360mm high stage, staff and children speaking at an assembly will also be able to get that extra height required to command attention.

What’s more, the flat staging is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, meaning it can be removed once assembly is over. This ensures that there’s optimum space available later in the day when children go to lunch.

Choir rehearsals and performances

Our multi-level staging is ideal for choirs, ensuring each and every child can be seen – no matter what their height may be. Most importantly, the staging is safe. It has sturdy square base frames and 180mm stacker frames. It can also be accessed via our steps or easy access ramps – ensuring there are no falls during that all-important performance!

Our tiered staging is another great option. Manufactured from hard-wearing steel and birch ply, our UniTIER range locks together securely for a safe, stable non-slip performance. The staging comes in standard heights and can be stored away safely on a portable storage shuttle when not it use. There’s also capacity for up to 130 people on our largest tiered stage, the UniTIER 500C.

Musical concerts

As with choir performances, the multi-level staging can add a whole other dimension when it comes to orchestral performances. While those with heavier instruments such as cellos could be seated on the ground, other string instrument players, wind players and soloists could be sat on our staging. The staging comes in three standard heights – 180mm, 360mm and 540mm – which can all be easily configured to suit the requirements of your orchestra.

Theatrical performances

While we’ve covered most of the stages that will be useful for your next performance, we haven’t had chance to talk about our stage scenery and drapes. We have a range of drapes and valances available, as well as stage scenery backdrops that are ready to paint and customise to your performance. With Unistage, every aspect of your end-of-year show can run smoothly.

For an extra special performance, why not invest in some extra special tiered seating for proud parents too? Our UniTIER staging can seat up to 78, while chair stop rails and stop plates ensure safety when positioning the chairs on the tiered staging.

Have you got any unique ways in which you use our staging at your school? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Unistage