New And Improved: Classic Unistage Products Get A Makeover!

Here at Unistage, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and services. Over the last few months, we’ve made some changes to a few of our existing products, and we think you’ll like the results!

Tidy Up Your Edges With Quality Stage Valances

Valances are a great addition to any staging solution – they give a smart, professional finish, and hide any number of sins, allowing you to tuck wiring and other items safely and neatly out of sight beneath your stage’s base units.

We sell 180mm, 360mm and 540mm stage valances in a variety of colours designed to fit seamlessly with the décor of your room.

Previously, our valances were fitted to our staging base units using hooks. While this was a simple and sturdy solution, it did take a little time when setting up and dismantling a stage.

Our valances now come with a rigid magnetic rod fitted along the top, making the product much quicker and simpler to use. Instead of attaching the valances hook by hook, users can simply pop the whole valance in place with one quick move.

The magnetic strip is powerful enough to stay firmly in place during your performance, while the valances can simply be pulled off the base units again and stored away when not in use.

Get A Change Of Scene With Our New, Light-Weight Scenery Flats

Scenery flats can add atmosphere and detail to a stage production, making them a great choice for theatre groups and school drama clubs.

Our original scenery flats comprised solid wooden boards riveted on to sturdy steel frames. While these were hard-wearing and ideal for painting, the combination of wood and steel made the flats relatively heavy to shift and lift.

Our new scenery flats consist of a lightweight Foamex board that attaches easily to the steel frame with a magnetic strip.

Still perfect for painting, the board now comes in two separate pieces so it’s far more manageable in both size and weight. Easy to use, quick to attach and simple to store – what could be better?

Our new scenery flats offer great value for money, too. Now, when customers need new scenery flats, they can simply buy the magnetized Foamex boards instead of the pre-fitted steel frames.

Scenery flats just became much simpler to swap and change – and we offer pre-printed flats too, for when you’re short on time (or, dare we say it, artistic ability!).

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