Grab Yourself 5% Off Staging and Lighting

Unistage have a fantastic deal on our stage sound and lighting! When you order a sound or lighting package then you can save 5% off if ordered with a stage or 5% off if you order both sound and lighting packages.

We didn’t want to make it complicated which is why we make stage sound and lighting extremely simple! Currently we supply a number of sound and lighting packages to the education, community and commercial sectors and on delivery of them we can provide a full demonstration if this is required.

Our portable stage lighting packages are suitable for use with large scale performances but are versatile in that they can also be used in a small drama class of everyday use. They come with easy to use winch stands and thus they can be heightened or lowered as is required.

The portable stage sound packages again can be used for a number of applications including small performances and large scale performances as they are so portable they are completely adaptable in that they can be moved around at ease.

As there are a number of cables we supply both our sound and lighting packages with cable floor guards so that there are no loose cables which could pose as a hazard if someone was to trip not to mention the embarrassment of a performer if there is an audience watching!

Order now and save yourself 5% today! If you are not sure what exactly it is you’re looking for then speak to a member of our team who can advise you best in what would be most suited to your requirements.

For more information then please can you contact us on 01254 680575 or email