Up Your Game With Your Very Own Winter Olympics!

With this year’s Winter Olympics in full swing at Sochi, why not bring a little bit of sporting excitement to students at your school by hosting some Olympic games of your own?

In this article, we share a few ideas on how you can capture the fun of the Olympics – and maybe spot a few sporting stars of the future!

Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics aren’t just a brilliant chance to get your students interested in sports – they’re a perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of things like hard work, determination, team work, commitment and fair play.

Our modular school staging solutions are the perfect set-up for your budding athletes to greet their fans – why not arrange a procession, so each of the teams has a chance to drum up support from the crowds before the games begin?

The Giving and Receiving of Medals

A vital part of any Olympic Games is the giving and receiving of medals at the end of each event. Our multi-level staging can give you just the right heights for your sporting heroes as they receive their gold, silver and bronze medals in front of their adoring fans!

Media Station

It’s important to make sure that less sporty students also have a chance to shine during your Winter Olympics. So, why not set up a media station on a raised platform, where teams of “commentators” can oversee the events, adding an authentic feel to the performance?

Olympic-themed art-work can be displayed on stage scenery flats at the back of the platform, or you could get students to paint in a studio background to give your budding commentators the right setting!

And Now…To The Sporting Events!

Handily enough, a gymnasium or assembly hall isn’t just the perfect location for staging – these kinds of open spaces, which usually have hard-wearing polished floors, can be transformed into a veritable Winter Olympics wonderland!

Unistage’s flexible single and multi-level staging is lightweight, and easy to store, rearrange and move – perfect for quick changes between events if necessary!

Speed Skating

Mark out a course with coloured tape on the floor. Get students to wrap sugar paper or construction paper securely around their gym shoes. Divide them into groups of around five and hold exciting heats to determine the winner.


Create a luge course by arranging tables on the gym floor. Get students to lie on their backs on a skateboard (two stuck together would be better!) and time them as they wiggle their way between the table legs and round the course. Don’t expect it to be quite as fast as the real thing, but still – lots of fun!

Hockey shoot-out

Fun activity for indoors or outdoors – divide your students into teams and give each a hockey stick and ball. Give each team five chances to score a goal, and take it to sudden death if you get a draw!


Take things from the sublime to the ridiculous with your own bobsleigh! While it’s probably not practical to construct a working bobsleigh run (you can try it if you like – and please send us some photos!), why not create a bobsleigh out of three large boxes fixed together and judge teams of three as they run towards the box and leap in? Points for speed, accuracy, style and downright bravery!

Closing ceremony

Finish up your Winter Olympics with a closing ceremony to celebrate all of your students for participating. Make room for musical students with a special fanfare or song, drama students with speeches and presentations, and maths and science fans with a breakdown of some of the key stats from the events – including the all-important and inevitably impressive luge speeds!

Unistage’s versatile multi-level staging solutions can make sure that your Olympic games are firmly in the spotlight, so transform your stage back into a podium for the closing ceremony, and give your games that extra touch of class!

If you’d like to talk to someone about getting your own modular school staging solution, talk to one of our friendly team members today!