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Not quite what your looking for?

If your requirements are a little different, or you are looking for a custom built size or arrangement, we can take care of this. With our ‘in-house’ design and manufacturing space, we are able to create and tailor a design to suit your specific requirement. Our service includes a free of charge full site survey and detailed 3D drawings, through to the professional delivery, installation and training.



In house design

Unistage have an ‘in-house’ design team to create and develop a stage or platform specifically to meet your requirements. From bespoke structures and sizes to a variety of finishes, we can manufacture the right solution for you.

Our ‘in-house’ designers are able to design and produce a visualisation for which can then be put into production. Whether you are looking for a certain size stage to fit into an existing space, or require a platform to match an existing height, we are able to cater for this.



In house manufacture

Unistage are proud that all of our staging is manufactured in our factory Lancashire, UK. This gives us full control on all of our design and manufacturing processes, quality and testing and ensures we produce staging we are proud to deliver.

We take care to source supplies from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources wherever possible. We are committed to purchasing all of our materials from British suppliers.