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After school club ideas for all ages

After School Club Ideas | Unistage

26Mar, 2015

At Unistage, we believe that education should be fun, imaginative and stimulating. That’s one of the reasons we’re passionate about our staging – as it gives children the opportunity to get creative and show off their talents on stage.

But education doesn’t stop in the classroom. After school clubs are another essential part of a youngsters education – whatever their age.

In today’s blog, we thought we’d share just a few of our favourite ideas for after school clubs, guaranteed to keep pupils interested while contributing to educational success.

5 fabulous after school club ideas

Foreign languages club

Languages are extremely useful to learn. Whether they are used for business or pleasure you can guarantee that taking time to learn a language will bring with it a whole host of benefits.

For primary school aged children, French may be a good option as it’s something they can easily continue during secondary school. If you’re looking for the perfect language for an after school club for an older age group, why not pick Japanese or Chinese?

Guaranteed to excite pupils, these languages are becoming more and more useful in modern day business and will also inspire youths to become open to new cultures.

 After school club ideas

Image Credit: Activity Tree

Cooking club

There’s something about cooking that’s a whole lot of fun.

While it may not appear educational, it is an essential life skill and one that today’s youths lack in.

While younger children can learn the basics of cooking and food hygiene, older youths can learn how to create simple, healthy meals they can replicate with ease themselves.

These skills will be invaluable once they leave home and ideal for university. Health and nutrition could also be covered in these sessions to help promote good health and wellbeing.

afterschool club ideas

Image Credit: Kitchen Academy

Meditation / Relaxation club

Children face a lot of stresses.

Not only do they have to deal with the day-to-day chores of growing up and puberty, they also have the increasing pressure of heavy workloads and exams.

Meditation helps children in a lot of ways. It helps to reduce stress, improve relationships at school and at home, decreases anxieties and improves focus and concentration.

It’s suitable for all age groups and will be a tool they can use whenever they need to at later points in their lives.

ideas for after school clubs

Image Credit: Life Advancer

Sports clubs

With childhood obesity a much-debated topic, fitness and sports clubs have never been so important.

While netball and football after school activities are common, there’s a need to focus on more inclusive sports like hiking, dance, tai chi and yoga, which are open to a wider range of pupils and abilities.

after school club ideas

Image Credit: Igrade Sports

Film club

This one’s a great one for teachers! Easy to manage and enjoyable for the kids, a film club is relatively fuss-free.

after school clubs ideas

Image Credit: Sodahead

It’s also completely free to run. To enhance the educational element, it may be worth picking films with a moral or educational concept – for example most Disney films or for older age groups, films based on curriculum literature or historic events.

What after school clubs are you involved with? We’d love to hear about what you get up to! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Unistage

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