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    Unistage Drama Stage Blocks

    If you are looking for bespoke drama stage blocks ideal for drama studios, schools, academies, drama classes and other venues, Unistage is here to help. Our performance stages are durable, easy to install, and sturdy enough for energetic performances.

    We work with schools and drama companies across the country, creating bespoke drama stage blocks that are perfect for use in different productions. Our versatile stage productions are made from high-quality materials and are finished to a high standard and can also be used for hotels and conferences, pubs and clubs, churches and places of worship, community halls, and other sectors.

    Drama Stage Blocks for Performance Stages

    If you need UK-manufactured drama stage blocks or theatre stage blocks ideal for different performances and productions, we have the solutions you need. We understand the importance of safe, durable drama stage blocks and focus our production processes on creating sturdy stages.

    Our theatre stage blocks also give you various configurations to hold different events. They are also compact so that they can be easily stacked and carried to different locations. Their lightweight design is especially ideal for touring productions and modular staging solutions.

    With over 20 years of experience, we have a reputation as the preferred supplier for staging for primary schools and secondary schools across the country. We offer efficient service and high-quality drama stage blocks that will serve you for years.

    Versatile Drama Stage Blocks

    Our versatile drama stage blocks are perfect for the theatre rehearsal room, drama class, and other spaces you need to transform into entertainment venues. Our portable performance stages can inspire creativity and enhance the audience experience.

    Whether you need a single block or stacked stage for a drama studio, our blocks can be adapted to different heights and lengths to suit your needs. You can stack them for varying heights or rearrange them to create a focal point that improves the audience’s line of sight.

    We take pride in manufacturing high-quality drama stage blocks that keep you a step up from the competition. Our team will take you from design to manufacturing and installation stages, bringing your vision to life.

    Why Work With Unistage Drama Staging?

    In addition to high-quality products, our drama stages are easy to assemble, portable, and sturdy enough to support all your major and minor productions. They are also light enough for children to arrange and do not require tools for reassembly.

    Our drama staging is available in various options, including flat, multi-level, and tiered. They are also made from high-quality materials, which makes them durable, and they come with a 10-year warranty.

    Contact Unistage for All Your Drama Staging Needs

    Many schools and colleges in the country prefer Unistage drama staging because of its safe design and high quality. Over the years, we have worked with many professional drama teams and communities.

    We have the expertise to help you create a performance stage that the audience will never forget. Our affordable drama stage blocks are ideal for use in multiple settings including primary schools and secondary schools.

    Our lightweight designs make our staging to move even for young children. These blocks also allow pupils to explore their creative side as they rearrange them to create beautiful centrepieces. If you are unsure whether drama stage blocks would be a good addition to your equipment, get in touch with us to learn about their uses and get a free quote.

    We are UK based company, and will deliver to UK Mainland and overseas.

    To speak with our team call 01254 680575 or email info@unistage.co.uk and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

    Professional Staging Solutions Nationwide

    UK Manufactured

    Our team are UK based and each step of our design and manufacturing process is carried out at our UK headquarters.

    Easy Assembly

    Our easy to assemble staging solutions offer hundreds of different configurations, offering a versatile staging solution.


    Lightweight and easy to move, we provide portable staging solutions which can be installed in a range of venues.


    Our high quality materials and manufacturing process means our stages are extremely durable and come with a 10-year warranty.

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