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Our modular staging solutions are a valuable addition to any commercial, leisure or hospitality venue.

Simple to set up, our lightweight but sturdy stages can be slotted together in any number of ways, so you can customise your space every time.

Commercial and hospitality venues require a space that can be utilised for a number of purposes.

Unistage enables the room to be changed to suit a particular function or event and gives added value to your space.

Each organisation, differing in function, has utilised Unistage for a different purpose however all transforming their space and allowing for multiple uses.

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Why Choose UniStage Commercial Staging?

  • Unistage is easy to build, disassemble and move

  • Unistage allows your space to be changed and adapted in a matter of minutes

  • Unistage stores easily and compactly on a portable storage shuttle

  • Create performance stages, catwalks, tiered arrangements, podiums and many more layouts

  • For venues that are used for hire, Unistage can add benefit to the space and assist in creating revenue

  • Unistage offer a bespoke design service to help you create a stage design to suit your requirements and fit your space and décor

Organisations we have supplied include:

  • Sainbury’s
  • B&Q
  • Lothian Borders Police
  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  • HMP Nottingham
  • Mint Casinos
  • The Westbury Mayfair hotel
  • Stirk House Hotel
  • Manchester United Football Club
  • Epic TV Studios

Flat Staging Example:

Our durable and versatile flat staging is a popular choice for a wide range of venues.

Comprising sturdy steel frames and hard-wearing, non-slip birch ply, our flat staging is ideal choice for plays, presentations, concerts and catwalks.

With no holes or rubber bungs on the surface, our staging is perfectly flat, reducing the risk of trips and falls…

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Multi Level Example:

Our multi-level stages are ideal for choirs and orchestras but can also be used as a flat stage too, making them a flexible and cost-effective choice for any venue.

The stage is modular and can be configured to a range of different layouts and heights to suit every occasion.

This can include an elevated area for narration or solo performance…

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Show & Tell Example:

Unistage show and tell classroom resource is a NEW and EXCITING modular stage designed especially for the Early Years / Primary School classroom.

The smooth curved front of the stage gives an EASY welcoming onto the platform giving NO TRIP HAZARDS.

In its simplest form it consist of just 4 frames and 4 stage tops…

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Tiered Staging Example:

Unistage has developed a range of unique modular tiering that is ideal for standing performers such as choirs, or for seated audiences.

Manufactured from hard-wearing but lightweight steel and birch ply, the UniTIER range locks securely together for a safe, stable, non-slip performance or seating area…

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Podium Example:

Celebrate achievement and success with our modular awards podium. Whether you have medal winning athletes or want to commend academic triumphs, our podium can be used time and time again to boost confidence and highlight accomplishments.

The awards podium is available as a complete kit, the hard wearing Foamex fascia’s are available to be purchased independently…

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Accessories Examples:

We’ve got a wide range of staging accessories for neat storage, increased safety and changes of scene, helping you to add the perfect finishing touch to your modular flat, multi-level or tiered staging solution.

We also offer a selection of blank and pre-painted stage scenery flats, and high quality, fire-resistant stage drapes and valances…

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One Uni-versal Stage Gives You 1000’s of Possibilities

From start to finish the Unistage team was clever, friendly and amazingly accommodating.

The Westbury Mayfair Hotel

Interested in our Commercial Staging?

If you’re interested in our commercial staging, get in touch today. Our helpful customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you might have, and you can book a free demonstration at your school.