Staging accessories

Ideal for any performance, presentation and production

Staging Accessories

We’ve got a wide range of staging accessories for neat storage, increased safety and changes of scene, helping you to add the perfect finishing touch to your modular flat, multi-level or tiered staging solution.

Ideal for any performance, presentation or production, our high quality staging accessories include extra base and stacker frames, extra decks, step units, staging storage shuttles, access ramps, guardrails, chair stoops and drawer units.

We also offer a selection of blank and pre-painted stage scenery flats, and high quality, fire-resistant stage drapes and valances.

We’ve got staging accessories for every occasion

We’ve got staging accessories for every occasion


Guardrails can be fixed anywhere around a standard stage to prevent falls. Our guardrails can also be used to attach stage drape posts.

Our guardrails simply offer different appearances and are both used as a protective measure to prevent falling from the stage.

Standard Spindled
Standard guardrails Spindled guardrails
Code: GR750
Code: GRV750

Chair Stops

Chair stops ensure performers or audiences are safe when seated on a Unistage tiered arrangement.

Chair stop rails can be used when placing seating on a tiered stage. Chair stop folded plates are an alternative when guardrails are not required.

Chair Stop Rail Chair Stop Folded Plate
Chair stop rail Chair stop folded plate

Access Ramps

Unistage access ramps have been designed to allow users easy and safe access to your stage. They have been specifically designed with wheelchair users, the visually impaired or those with mobility problems in mind.

Key Product Features:

  • Simple and easy to position on any part of your stage, allowing you to change your access points depending on the performance
  • Handrails available
  • Slip resistant finish

Available in standard heights of 180mm, 360mm and 540mm. However, bespoke heights are also available - just contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

180mm 360mm 540mm
180mm access ramp 360mm access ramp 540mm access ramp
Code: WAR180
Code: WAR360
Code: WAR540

Drape Post Set

Made up of vertical and horizontal poles, from which you can hang your choice of scenery.

Drape post sets attach securely to guardrails are used to hang your drapes or scenery flats from. Our drape post sets can easily be erected by two people.

Drape post set for staging
Code: DPS750


Drapes attach easily to the drape post set with loop fixings.

Manufactured from high quality fire retardant dimout fabric and available in a range of seven colours (samples available on request).

Each unit measures 750mm x 2100mm.

Coloured drapes for staging
Code: RD2100

Scenery Flats

Our scenery flats are an ideal way of painting your own scenery to suit your performance. They are strong and durable with a steel frame and birch ply face. They come in a ready to paint format, with white primer. Unistage also offer a print and design service to enable you tohave interchangeable, pre-printed scenery flats.

Hanging your scenery flats is no problem at all, they simply hook onto the horizontal pole of your drape post set and come complete with scenery flat locator plates.

Stage scenery flats
Code: SSF


Risers are used to fill the gaps between different levels of a multi-level stage. Fascias are used as an alternative to valances to finish off the front and sides of a stage.

Risers and fascias are manufactured from high quality plywood and are simple to attach to your frames. They come in 180mm, 360mm and 540mm height as standard, but bespoke sizes can also be made.

180mm 360mm 540mm
180mm Risers & Fascias for staging 360mm Risers & Fascias for staging 540mm Risers & Fascias for staging
Code: R180
Code: F180
Code: R360
Code: F360
Code: R540
Code: F540
1,2,3 Foamex Podium Fascia’s
1,2,3 Foamex Podium Fascia’s
Code: FPOD


Our valances are the perfect way to finish off your stage.

Each valance is modular and will hook onto any of your frames, allowing you to place your valances where you choose.

Manufactured from high quality fire retardant dimout fabric and available in a range of seven colours (samples available on request). Choose from 180mm, 360mm and 540mm heights.

Coloured valances to finish your stage
Code: VF180
Code: VF360
Code: VF540

Storage Drawers

We understand that storage space in schools, churches and other venues can be very limited. With our under stage storage drawers you can utilise your space more efficiently.

Key Product Features:

  • Creates valuable storage space
  • In-built castors for easy transportaion
  • Modular - will fit anywhere under your stage
  • Strong construction
  • Double depth drawers are ideal for larger items, such as hockey sticks

Available in heights of 360mm and 540mm to allow storage under the standard stage heights. Bespoke heights can also be produced.

360mm Double Depth 540mm Single Depth 540mm Double Depth
360mm double depth storage drawer 540mm single depth storage drawer 540mm double depth storage drawer
Code: DU1500_360
Code: DU750
Code: DU1500_540

Interested In Our Stage Accessories?

To find out more about Unistage’s staging accessories, or to place an order, contact a member of our customer service team today. We’ll help you find the right staging accessories for your venue, and answer any questions you might have.

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