Why Invest in Unistage Solution

Unistage make staging simple! From initial contact, our aim is to make purchasing your portable staging simple and hassle free.

Our team are experienced and knowledgeable and combine their passion for creating staging with expertise in design and manufacturing to create a solution that is perfect for your venue.

With a wide variety of flat, multi-level and tiered staging on offer, our staging solutions are ideal for every venue, where your performance space will need to change on a regular basis. Our portable, modular stages are perfect for choirs, music groups, theatrical productions and presentations. Unistage can be purchased as a complete set, put together for your convenience, or as singular units allowing you to build a stage that's right for you.

Colleges and Universities can add a new dimension to halls and theatres with our modular staging solutions. Able to be reconfigured time and again, our staging is perfectly suited to conferences, graduation ceremonies, lectures, presentations and a variety of shows and events.

Unistage are pleased to offer a free of charge, no obligation demonstration service to allow you to see and test the stage system and for our advisor to answer any questions you may have, as they arise. Our demonstration service also allows us to measure your area and make recommendations based on your space and budget. We understand the importance of making the right purchase, and will assist you every step of the way.

Unistage is protected with a British Patent (No. GB2411846)

Our frames have undergone strict testing by FIRA and are certified to BS EN 6399-1:1996 & BS EN 15372:2008 Level 2.

Why Choose Unistage
  • UK's leading portable staging experts - As the staging experts, we've made staging simple, and our experience of over 20 years will ensure we create a platform that you can use for any performance. Unistage products are simple, safe and compact.
  • Unistage is safe - Whatever your performance, or age of participants, we recognise that safety is paramount. As such, we have created a universal 'lock-in' guardrail system that can be placed anywhere around your stage to keep performers safe.
  • Design - Our unique design means there is no need for holes or bungs. Our Unidecks have a locator, making our staging look more appealing and improving our unrivalled safety features.
  • Dual compact storage options - Portable staging is our speciality, so that's why we've focused on making it portable and easy to store with 2 options for storage; spiral or inline.
  • 100% made in Britain - We're proud of the quality workmanship, materials and components that go into making our staging, carried out by our 'in-house' professionals. We're dedicated to making quality products!
  • We offer the friendliest service. We listen, we advise, we deliver.

Case Studies

  • Crossdale Drive Primary School, Nottingham

    Crossdale Drive Primary School in Nottingham loved their hire stage so much, they bought their own.

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  • Oxford Grove Primary School, Bolton

    We recently hired out a Portable Staging set for Oxford Grove Primary School, based in Bolton, Lancs

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  • Peel Park Primary School, Accrington

    We recently supplied, delivered and installed a Portable Staging set for Peel Park Primary School.

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  • Wellspring Pentecostal Church, Welling, Kent.

    Wellspring Pentecostal Church in Kent bought a single level stage with a carpet finish

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What Our Customers Say

  • Our stage has been fantastic. It is versatile and yet robust enough to cope with everything we’ve done with it. It is ideal for our school because it takes up next to no space when we stack it on its trolley. The delivery service was quick and easy. I’ve no idea about follow up because we’ve never had anything break or go wrong.

    Mike Wisbach, Head Teacher - Charlton-on-Otmoor CE Primary School, Oxon

  • We were delighted with our Unistage from our initial enquiry to delivery. We have been even more delighted with the ease of storage and use. Since the purchase, the children have enjoyed the use of the stage in many productions, both in-house small class demonstrations and also larger ones with parents and community invited. They have learned about staging and how it can help to improve productions, and also health and safety. We are saving up so that we can buy the next bits – the lighting and

    Trish Shaw, School Business Manager - St Gabriel's Catholic School, Tamworth, Staffordshire

  • The stage has had a positive impact on various aspects of school life. The biggest advantage we find is its flexibility and each time we have used it, we have been able to design a variety of different platforms on which the children can perform. In addition to this, we have also been able to use parts of the staging for altars or prayer areas in school. Storage is also an asset, as it takes up very little room.

    Kathryn Pym, Head Teacher - Barton St Lawrence C of E Primary School, Lancashire

  • Unistage has made the productions so much more professional, and easier to deliver! The staff were great, and really looked after us! I would definitely recommend Unistage, and use them again… and again… and again!

    Andy Purcell, Head Teacher - Chorley All Saints CE Primary School, Lancashire

  • Our Unistage has been fantastic. It has improved the quality of our productions and had a really positive effect on pupil confidence. In fact I liked it so much I bought a second one. Money well spent.

    Mr Kevin Hayton, Head Teacher - Richard Lee Primary School, Coventry

  • We recently saved up for and bought an excellent Unistage. The service we received from the company both prior to our purchase, and afterwards was excellent, and the Unistage has been used for many purposes in the short length of time we have had it. It is truly adaptable, and significantly adds to the creative and dramatic development of the pupils in our school.

    Peter Williams, Head Teacher - Altham St James CE Primary School, Lancs

  • Our Unistage has been great! It packs away quickly into a small space and yet offers us 12 square metres of performing space. We received good support when purchasing it and it was delivered very quickly!

    Anne Hewett, Head Teacher - Great Rollright Primary School, Chipping Norton, Oxon

  • We are delighted with our new stage! It has made the organization of our productions much easier. The storage is great and the pupils are able to design their own staging arrangements. The Unistage company could not have been more helpful.

    Candyce Garlick, Head Teacher - Peterchurch Primary School, Herefordshire