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Portable Staging Made Simple by UniStage

UK Market Leaders for 20 Years

With over 20 years as the industry leader, we at Unistage specialise in making staging simple for you.

Our high quality portable staging, tiering and seating is quick and easy to reconfigure time and again, offering you a versatile, cost-effective solution that makes it easy to transform your hall, venue or room to suit your changing needs.

We believe that the quality and simplicity of Unistage is supported by our people. From the moment you get in touch to the moment your Unistage is delivered and set up, you’ll find our service friendly, efficient and honest.

Flat Staging

Our durable and versatile flat staging is a popular choice for a wide range of venues. Comprising sturdy steel frames and hard-wearing, non-slip birch ply, our flat staging is ideal choice for plays, presentations, concerts and catwalks. With no holes or rubber bungs on the surface, our staging is perfectly flat, reducing the risk of trips and falls. The unique sound absorbent system eliminates rattles and squeaks, so your performers and audience can concentrate on the performance, and not any excess noise!


Multi-Level Staging

Our multi-level stages are ideal for choirs and orchestras but can also be used as a flat stage too, making them a flexible and cost-effective choice for any venue. A Unistage multi-level is made up of the same 750 x 750mm components as our flat staging with the addition of stacker frames. No tools or extra parts are needed, and our stacker frames fit into standard frames, enabling you to build a stage of varying heights. The stage is modular and can be configured to a range of different layouts and heights to suit every occasion.


Classroom Show & Tell Staging

Unistage show and tell classroom resource is a NEW and EXCITING modular stage designed especially for the Early Years / Primary School classroom. The smooth curved front of the stage gives an EASY welcoming onto the platform giving NO TRIP HAZARDS. In its simplest form it consist of just 4 frames and 4 stage tops. It fits into an angle of 90 degrees and the sides measure a distance of 1.5 metres each.


Tiered Staging

Unistage has developed a range of unique modular tiering that is ideal for standing performers such as choirs, or for seated audiences. Manufactured from hard-wearing but lightweight steel and birch ply, the UniTIER range locks securely together for a safe, stable, non-slip performance or seating area. Our Tier500 model is perfectly suited for standing performance or terraced standing for your audience. It comes in various heights, plus stacker frames. The roomier Tier900 model measures 750 x 900mm and is available in varying heights, making it the perfect choice when the performers or audience need to be seated.


Choral Risers

Unistage’s choral risers are ideal for showcasing the talents of your choir or singing group. Perfect for churches, places of worship, schools, colleges and entertainment venues, our portable choral risers are compact and easy to store when not in use. They have a unique modular design, comprising sturdy steel frames, with each unit able to support the weight of 10 adults and can be configured, allowing you to tailor your performance space to the number of performers, layout of the venue and size of the audience.


Podiums: Celebrate in Style

Celebrate achievement and success with our modular awards podium. Whether you have medal winning athletes or want to commend academic triumphs, our podium can be used time and time again to boost confidence and highlight accomplishments. Utilising the standard 750mm x 750mm Unistage staging, the awards podium is available as a complete kit, or if you wish to utilise your existing Unistage staging, the hard wearing Foamex fasica’s are available to be purchased independently.


Stage Scenery & Drapes

Add a touch of class or colour to your performances with Unistage’s range of stage scenery and stage drapes. The perfect complement to our modular staging and tiering solutions, our stage scenery flats are available in blank or pre-painted format, so you can choose the perfect backdrop for your production. For formal events and presentations, our high quality, fire-resistant stage drapes are an ideal choice. Available in a variety of colours, there’s something to suit every occasion.


Stage Accessories

We’ve got a wide range of staging accessories for neat storage, increased safety and changes of scene, helping you to add the perfect finishing touch to your modular flat, multi-level or tiered staging solution. Ideal for any performance, presentation or production, our high quality staging accessories include extra base and stacker frames, extra decks, step units, staging storage shuttles, access ramps, guardrails, chair stoops and drawer units. We also offer a selection of blank and pre-painted stage scenery flats, and high quality, fire-resistant stage drapes and valances.


UK’s Leading Portable Staging Experts

As the staging experts, we’ve made staging simple, and our experience for over 20 years will ensure we create a platform that you can use for any performance.

A UniStage is simple, safe and compact

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We have the quietest portable staging system on the market in the UK, which means you won’t suffer from banging noises caused by people walking on the stage, like you will from other systems who do not use the same technology as UniStage.

When your Pupils are enjoying themselves, singing, dancing or presenting to their Parents and Teachers, the last thing on their minds is Safety. At UniStage we recognise that Safety is Paramount, which is why we have created Universal ‘Lock-in’ Guardrail System, that can be placed anywhere around a UniStage, to keep your children safe.

Other manufacturers have holes or bungs in the decks, unlike our system, which uses a unique UniDeck location mechanism, making our staging look more appealing and improving upon our unrivalled safety features.

Portable staging is our speciality, so that’s why we’ve focused on making it portable and easy to store with 2 options for storage; ‘Spiral’ and ‘Inline’ make a UniStage perfect for storage and for use with narrow doors or tight storage cupboards.

We’re proud of the quality workmanship, materials and components that go into making our staging, carried out by our in-house professionals. We’re dedicated to making quality products and supporting the British Economy.

Every school is different and every space is different, which is why we make your staging bespoke to you and offer a wide range of accessories so you can dress your stage exactly how you want it.

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, which is why we offer a demonstration service so you can see, feel and test drive our staging before you make a decision about buying. Some companies don’t offer this service, but we feel it’s important for you to make the right choice.

Unistage had been recommended to me by another school, and I was keen to deal with a local company.

My initial enquiry was swiftly followed by a visit to school to discuss our requirements. The main bulk of our order was delivered in time for our Christmas productions, which was much appreciated. Unistage staff demonstrated all aspects of assembling the stage to the caretaker and other staff.

The versatility of the system is fantastic – Recently our Year 2 children designed T shirts, and in the space of about 15 minutes, and without any help whatsoever, I transformed our regular stage into a splendid catwalk for our models to parade along during our Friday Celebration Assembly!

We are looking forward to using the stage more in our Literacy sessions for Drama and Role-Play activities.

Ann Brants, Head Teacher: Longshaw Infants School, Blackburn, Lancashire