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Portable Staging For Your Next Performance

Unistage: The UK’s Most Flexible & Portable Staging System, for Over 20 Years. Perfect for Schools, Community & Commercial. Universal, Value for Money.

Building a Portable UniStage is easy & fun…

Click the images to view our most popular portable staging products and staging sets, or keep scrolling down for more information…

portable flat staging
Flat Staging
portable multi level staging
Multi-Level Staging
portable tiered staging
Tiered Staging
portable classroom staging
Classroom Show & Tell
portable choral staging
Choral Staging
portable podium staging
Podium Stage
portable staging accessories

Wheel in the UniStage Shuttle

Layout the first row of frames

Insert the UniLinks

Locate the UniDecks

Build your next set of frames and decks

Attach the stage steps

Hover The UniStage Components & Watch Our Video Below


The Education Staging Specialists

Our portable staging is affordable for every school budget, easy for little hands to put together, and strong enough to withstand even the most energetic performance, our modular staging solutions are simple to assemble, stack and store, making them perfect for primary schools.

With a wide variety of flat, multi-level and tiered staging on offer, our staging solutions are ideal for every type of school, where your performance space will need to change on a regular basis. Our modular stages are perfect for choirs, music groups, theatrical productions and presentations.

Colleges and Universities can add a new dimension to halls and theatres with our modular staging solutions. Able to be reconfigured time and again, our staging is perfectly suited to conferences, graduation ceremonies, lectures, presentations and a variety of shows and events.

View Education Staging

Unistage In The Community

Transform your community venue with a Unistage solution. Our flat, multi-level and tiered stages can be configured in hundreds of different ways, adding versatility and value to your venue – the only limit is your imagination!

Community venues require a multi-use space and Unistage can help to enhance this by providing a simple, portable, versatile solution.

View Community Staging

Unistage In Commercial Venues

Our modular staging solutions are a valuable addition to any commercial, leisure or hospitality venue.
Simple to set up, our lightweight but sturdy stages can be slotted together in any number of ways, so you can customise your space every time.

Commercial and hospitality venues require a space that can be utilised for a number of purposes.

Unistage enables the room to be changed to suit a particular function or event and gives added value to your space.

View Commercial Staging

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