The Stars of Tomorrow

With only two weeks of the summer holidays left, many schools are busy working to ensure their new staging is delivered in time for the start of the new term in September. Unistage have received orders from schools as far apart as Bolton and Bury St Edmunds and are working hard to ensure they are all fulfilled.

A stage is a vital feature of any school. The most obvious reason is to facilitate the production of plays, shows and concerts: the arts are an essential part of a child’s education and have been proven to have many beneficial effects both for the child and for their school. Children naturally love to perform and the quality of the stage design has a real impact on confidence levels. Many successful artists and artist facilitators cite their experiences at school as having been the spark that fired their creativity and interest. Theatre and music, as they have always done, bring people together, forging strong bonds between participants and audience members alike. The importance of providing a solid staging system cannot, therefore, be underestimated.

Aside from being used for performance, school staging is often utilised for presentations. Prize-giving ceremonies, assemblies and lectures all require the speaker to be elevated where they can be clearly seen. A considerable proportion of our understanding of speech comes from the body language and facial expressions of the speaker. A good stage design will allow all audience members to comfortably see everything, without having to crane their neck up or down unnaturally. As all buildings are different, bespoke modular staging is clearly the most practical solution.

Unistage are experts in providing specifically tailored stages, perfectly suited to individual requirements. Our staging is easily assembled, disassembled and stored, with the added benefit of being compact and lightweight. This allows it to be easily transported and reconfigured to suit an array of staging requirements.

We have provided many schools with the perfect solution to their staging needs. This is, however, only the beginning; Unistage systems are also suited to an array of commercial venues including training centres, conference rooms, hotels and churches. As our staging is individually tailored to specification, we offer a free, on-site demonstration of all of our products. For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact a member of our team on 01254 680 575.

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