Sports day – Not just for schools!

Coupled with the recent warm weather, the beginning of the Olympic Games in London has sent a wave of sports fever rippling through the country. It seems like everyone wants a little piece of London 2012 and their own shot at a little Olympic glory.

Most of us will never stand on an Olympic podium basking in the cheers of millions, but that hasn’t stopped people feeling sporty and competitive. Businesses, youth groups, churches and play schemes are all organising sports events in their local areas, from football tournaments and races to mini-Olympic competitions.

If some healthy fun in the sun interests you, a quick internet search about your local area should help you to find events to get involved with. If there happens to not be anything that takes your fancy you could try organising your own event. Sports and organised games are an excellent way to get people, particularly children, interested in general health and physical fitness whilst also forming strong links within communities and between participants.

Organising a sports day could be the perfect way to help colleagues, children or employees working better together as a group. For owners of function rooms or areas, hosting a sports tournament could prove an invaluable and lucrative draw to potential customers in the area.

Of course, winners need prizes. The traditional prize for a lot of sports winners is a medal and, while a real gold, silver or bronze Olympic medal may be out of your reach, Unistage now stock fun fakes in all three colours.

They are perfect for adding that official, finishing touch to your sports event and are available at the unbeatable price of £1 each. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details as current demand is high for this great product.