Setting the stage for Church worship

Churches aren’t just for worship anymore – they can be used for many other purposes like concerts, plays and many other events.

And this new trend is even extending to older buildings, not just new ones.

That’s why staff at St Mary’s Church, in the village of Olveston, felt they needed to make improvements so they could more easily hold events and concerts.

Sometimes, a difficult layout can prevent a church for reaching its full potential.

St Mary’s is an historic Church of England Parish Church near Bristol, South Gloucestershire, which aims to provide stimulating and challenging worship.

To reflect this ethos, the church clergy wanted to create a purpose built stage to go around the pulpit for concerts and events.

This meant creating a bespoke arrangement to suit their space and décor.

Unistage, one of the UK’s leading staging companies, visited the church to assess their space and talk to the Associate Vicar about their exact requirements.

Detailed plans and drawings, up along with a quote, was drawn up for the consideration of the Church Council.

St Mary’s contacted Unistage’s existing clients to talk to them about the service they had received and were delighted with the response.

Unistage’s proposal gave St Mary’s exactly what it was looking for and delivered it quickly and efficiently within time scale.

Associate Vicar Rev Roly Bain, of St Mary’s, said: “The staff members at Unistage were very efficient, friendly and helpful through a painless process.”

Unistage has been providing church staging for 10 years and says that the firm has seen a rise in demand for multi-functional worship areas.