Salvation Army Southport Gets Staging Solution

The Salvation Army based in Southport contacted us because they needed a bespoke, community staging arrangement. These are extraordinary people who extend a helping hand to the homeless, friendless and that are in desperate need of help.

A Christian Church and registered charity they believe that even those with no hope and with the biggest of problems can be helped and their problems eradicated. On a daily basis they give respect to disadvantaged people and help them to recover their personal dignity. Working with people from a whole range of backgrounds, all ages and with completely different needs they wanted a stage for performances and various presentations.

In addition to this they wanted a stage which would integrate a “mercy” seat for prayer. After much work with our CAD design team and other members of the Unistage team the stage was starting to take shape. We had to design it in such a way that it would fit in the centre of their hall but also would fit into a corner too and this required some bespoke shapes and sizes.

Eventually through much consideration and through working closely with The Salvation Army we presented them with one modular staging solution to suit all of their needs and one which could be used in all of their eventualities.

The whole design and manufacturing process was done in house in our very own factory and so we could monitor its progress and ensure The Salvation Army were kept up to date. This particular bespoke modular staging worked so well because they dealt with people of all ages it had to be easy enough for everyone to move and assemble.

Unistage went above and beyond their expectations and soon they will be able to use their stage for performances and presentations.

If you require a very specific, bespoke staging solution then make sure you contact us call us on 01254 680575 or email