Purchasing a Stage, Sound or Lighting?

If you are thinking about purchasing a modular stage, sound or lighting equipment then wouldn’t it be great if you could test it all out for yourself before you purchase? Well with Unistage you can!

We offer demonstrations for our stages, sound and lighting so that our potential customers can be 100% happy before they make the decision to purchase from us. Throughout our demonstration you will be able to see what is on offer and just how easy it is to make the stage you want in the shape you want.

Our demonstrations are great for customers who are not sure what they want as they bring alive just what can be achieved and provide them with a visual in order to inspire them and thus they then realise what it is they want and where our staging could meet their requirements.

As we have staging solutions for education, community and commercial there really is something which is suitable for everyone. Now is the time to book your demonstration as we have a very special offer which will be running till the end of January. We are offering 10% off all staging when you order it before 31st January 2012.

If you are looking to purchase a stage or sound and lighting then do book a demo from us before making any rash decisions. You will be able to see just how easy our staging is to assemble and disassemble and we are so confident in our staging that we do offer it with a ten year warranty.

For more information and to book a demonstration then please call us now on 01254 680575 or email info@unistage.co.uk.