One Week Remaining for 10% Off Staging!

Already a number of schools, church halls and other community projects have taken advantage of our fantastic offer which we are only running until the end of January – 10% off all of our staging!

Whether you are requiring a stage for education, community or commercial purposes you can find exactly what you need at Unistage. We make staging extremely simple.

As everything is done in our factory we have full control over each and every stage. Our design team can make bespoke staging in a full range of shapes, sizes and at varying heights too!

The great thing about our modular staging is that it is so flexible and versatile that should you wish to change the shape or size of the stage area you can do at ease. You can re-design your staging over and over again!

With add on components which are not fiddly, easy to lose or break you can build your staging quick and easy. If you are not convinced then why not book a demonstration with our friendly team and we will come and show you just how easy it is!

We are that passionate about our staging that we actually offer a ten year guarantee with all staging when purchased. This means if you do have any problems then we will be on hand to correct this for you immediately.

With our fantastic offer if you purchase say our Flat Staging Set 16 180mm at £1999.00 then you will save £199.90 excluding VAT.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 680575 or email