Modular Staging Part of Event Management

The event management industry has changed vastly over the last few years and has made massive improvements to their equipment and techniques. One of the innovations to come from this is modular staging.

Extremely easy to set up and ideal for performers who are on the move as well as those in the education, community and commercial industries modular staging systems are very handy indeed.

Unistage Ltd realise that there are a number of staging companies offering modular stages however, not many can design and manufacture them all under one roof. We do everything in house which means we have full control over every single aspect. Although we have a full range of stages available we also have the option for you to sit with our design team and completely custom make your own too.

Some of the leading brand manufactures also supply their stages with the option for sound and lighting and we have a full range of options available when you order a stage with us.

We understand that the demand for portable stage systems is there however, we regularly have customers coming to us after being let down when a portable stage didn’t meet the requirements they specified. Here at Unistage Ltd we take the time to sit down with our customers, talk to them but most importantly listen to exactly what they want in order to suggest various options to them which are suitable.

The process of setting up the modular stages and actually moving them around has been made simpler and this means that they fit into the modern generations very well as less time and less labour is required.

If you have a requirement for modular staging then come to the professionals, come to Unistage!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 680575 or email