Make Way For Meal-Times With Easy Store Staging

From September this year, all infant school pupils will be entitled to free school dinners – a brilliant step forward in improving the health and concentration levels of children across the country, ensuring that they receive at least one nutritionally balanced and filling meal each day.

But, as schools across the country prepare to accommodate an increased number of hungry pupils in their dining or assembly halls each lunch-time, some are wondering where to find the extra space.

Unistage has been hearing from a number of schools that their current bulky, hard-to-dismantle staging is likely to present an issue come September, when a quick change may well be necessary between morning assembly and lunch-time.

Modular staging solutions for easy storage

Here at Unistage, we pride ourselves on offering schools a range of versatile multi-function staging solutions that can be easily arranged to suit a variety of purposes, and stored away neatly when not in use.

Our modular staging solutions are hard-wearing but lightweight, making them easy to transform and stack away – even pupils can help to shift and stack the individual units under supervision.

Used to create a flat staging area that’s ideal for assemblies and presentations, or a multi-level set that’s perfect for musical performances, a versatile modular staging solution is a brilliant addition to any school’s assembly hall – but only when you need it!

Comprising three simple components – frames, decks and links – and requiring no tools for assembly and disassembly, our easily manageable staging units measure just 750mm x 750mm, making them safe and easy to lift. The units stack easily on top of one another, taking up only a minimal amount of space when not in use.

Modular Staging – A Good Investment

If your school has found some space in the budget, why not consider investing in a modular staging solution from Unistage before the start of the new academic year in September?

Not only do our staging solutions offer a great range of possibilities for schools and their extra-curricular clubs and societies; they can also be used to gain extra income for schools that wish to hire out their assembly hall to community and theatre groups as a venue.

Our staging solutions are easy to transform into a wealth of different configurations, so groups can create exactly the stage they need for their performances.

Choirs can create tiered stages, while orchestras can opt for multi-level stages. Theatre groups can stick with simple, single-level staging – and you can even buy stage scenery flats, enabling groups to create suitable back-drops for their productions.

Talk To Unistage Today!

If your school’s in need of more space in its dining area, why not contact Unistage today and book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our helpful team members?

We can visit your school and give you a demonstration of how to use and store our modular staging solutions so you can see just how well a Unistage solution would work for your school.