Let There be Light (and Sound!)

The use of lighting on stage goes back many years. Some of the first stage lights utilised a burning piece of lime to create directional illumination, from which we get the saying “in the limelight”. These were naturally quite dangerous and many theatres burned down as a result of the practice. The fact that the method continued to be used despite its dangers shows how determined people have been to bring light indoors to the stage. With the advent of electricity, stage lighting became an art-form in itself, with an entire spectrum of colours and lighting types emerging.

The way a stage and its users are lit can have powerful effects on an audience’s perception. Aside from the general purpose of merely allowing us to see what is happening on stage, light can create a variety of moods. In addition to setting the emotional tone of a performance, they can also convey more practical aspects such as location or time of day. Projection is a common way of creating on-stage elements as is using concentrated light to bring the audience’s focus to a particular performer or area of the stage.

Audibility is also clearly a vital part of any performance or presentation. There is no point in a stage being well-dressed and beautifully lit if audience members must strain to hear what is being said, or performers must shout to make themselves heard. A quality microphone system means speakers can relax and use an ordinary tone of voice which can clearly be heard at equal levels all over the performance space. Music and sound effects, another integral part of many performances, can also be played with a quality system.

Sound and lighting systems can be complicated but this need not be the case. Unistage can supply a wide range of packages to suit any occasion, all of which are simple to use and quickly and easily installed. The portable systems can be tailored specifically to suit any individual requirement and a full demonstration can be provided upon delivery. Both our sound and lighting packages come with everything required for a quick and simple set-up, including coloured gels, mixer units, microphones and cable floor guards. Secured in sturdy flight cases, our packages will give hassle-free service for many years to come.

As well as providing sound and lighting systems, Unistage are a premier supplier of portable, modular staging systems to schools, hotels, churches and other public buildings. Our bespoke solutions can be tailored to any space and our free, on-site demonstrations are available across the entire range of our products. For more information on our stage design and staging systems, please contact a member of our dedicated team.

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