International Christian Resources Exhibition

Unistage are preparing for the International Christian Resources Exhibition or the CRE which it is known as in shortened terms. This will take place on the 25th and 26th of January 2012 in Westpoint, Exeter and we will be demonstrating our staging solutions as well as providing it for use on the day.

If you are a church or community organisation and you are planning to visit the International Christian Resources Exhibition then you should come and talk to our friendly team about what community staging we could supply you with which would be suitable for your needs and requirements.

One of the highlights of this day is the catwalk event known as “Clergy on the Catwalk”. In previous years this has actually been covered by the BBC news. As mentioned, although we are demonstrating our staging solutions we also provide the staging for use on the day and we have provided the catwalk for the clergy to strut their stuff!

We have worked within a number of community venues such as churches and village halls as these venues require a multi-use arrangement and our simple, portable and easy to assemble/dissemble staging provides the perfect solution.

As we offer a bespoke design service it means that any church which requires a staging solution or sound and lighting can have their own stage designed and manufactured in order to suit very specific requirements.

Come and join us at the International Christian Resources Exhibition or for more information then please contact us on 01254 680575 or email