Harvest Festival – An Ancient Tradition

The Harvest Festival is found in some form in almost all cultures and countries. Marking the end of the growing season, the harvest is a time to celebrate another year’s food production and naturally, the occasion is marked with eating and drinking, tasting the first crop of the year.

Harvest is derived from the old Anglo-Saxon word haverfest meaning “autumn”. Celebrated in Britain since pagan times, the Harvest Festival has deep roots in UK history. Church decorating, feasting and singing continue practically unchanged to this day in a great number of religious settings, giving thanks for a successful harvest and looking forward to the next season of growing.

Many schools also celebrate the harvest, a tradition being that children bring an item of food to school. The items are gathered and distributed to the elderly or local charities, teaching children an important lesson about the importance of giving. Many non-religious schools also celebrate the harvest, using the time to raise money and awareness about the food problems in the developing world whilst being thankful for our own good fortune.

School celebrations are usually accompanied by some kind of performance; singing is very popular, as are plays and presentations about harvest time. These of course require secure, attractive staging systems in order to be successful and this is where the expertise of Unistage can help.

School staging needs to be versatile, practical and portable. Our modular staging systems and stage design are infinitely adaptable to any number of situations and applications, meaning obtaining the perfect stage for your requirements is a simple matter. We can provide a free, on-site demonstration of all of our superior-quality products to ensure the maximum potential of the area is achieved.

We would like to wish everyone a pleasant and promising Harvest Festival this year. If your school’s celebrations could benefit from a high-quality, bespoke staging system, please contact a member of our dedicated team for information or to arrange a demonstration.

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