Customer Places 3rd Modular Stage Order

It is always good for everyone at Unistage to see when a customer is happy and impressed with our modular staging solutions. Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form in Darlington have now just placed their 3rd Unistage order because they are so impressed.

They ordered their first modular staging solution from us in December 2010 and since this initial order a further two orders have been made so that they could extend their staging size and also get multi-level staging.

Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form were extremely impressed by our staging solutions when we first met and it was at the initial stages where we were able to create a bespoke stage which would be suited to their specific requirements.

It was explained to them that because our staging is so versatile if they wanted to ever extend or build up the staging solution they would be able to and thus this is what they have done!

Unistage are well known for our staging solutions and bespoke staging solutions. All of our modular stages are extremely easy to transport, assemble and dissemble and this makes it easy for all ages, abilities and strengths to be able to use the staging solutions.

Our staging can also be supplied with sound and lighting solutions which are so simple yet highly effective at setting your stage alive! If you cannot find a sound and lighting package which is suitable for your requirements then give us a call and in most cases we are able to tailor a solution just to your needs!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 680575 or email