Cash-Back On Your Old School Staging

Need to replace your old worn out or broken school staging? Unistage is offering an exclusive part exchange service where you will receive a massive 15% off your old staging.

Not only will you receive this substantial discount but Unistage will also remove your old staging, take it away and recycle it.

Why replace your staging?

Unistage staging is among the best in the UK. It’s lightweight and easy to build as well as being extremely strong with its robust steel frame and high quality birch plywood decks this means a single piece of staging can easily support 10 fully grown adults.

The modular design allows the staging to be rebuilt in as many different ways or combinations as you like.

The staging can be quickly and efficiently changed to suit almost any requirement – from productions to catwalks, choirs and concerts. You can start from a simple stage, and add more and more modules as needed.

The deck makes minimal contact with the frame meaning no clunks, squeaks or annoying noises, so your performances will be uninterrupted.

Best of all, all Unistage staging is fully guaranteed against faults, manufacture or workmanship for 10 years.

All frames have undergone strict testing to ensure strength and stability.