10% off your school staging and accessories

Need some new staging for your school? Well now is the perfect time to invest because we have an exclusive offer for schools and colleges.

Order with us now and you’ll receive 10% off your new staging. Better still, we’ll make your job easier by removing your old staging, taking it away and recycling it for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why choose Unistage?

Unistage staging is lightweight, easy to build and extremely strong with its robust steel frames.

Its high quality birch plywood decks means one piece of staging can easily support 10 adults. The staging can be rebuilt in many different ways or combinations.

You can quickly and efficiently change the staging to suit whatever you need it for – catwalks, choirs, performances and concerts.

It’s extremely quiet with little to no squeaks or annoying noises for an uninterrupted performance.

All staging is fully guaranteed for 10 years and every frame has undergone strength and stability testing.