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Project Description

Modular Staging; The Westbury, Mayfair, London

From start to finish, the UniSTAGE team were clever, friendly and amazingly accommodating.

With an array of star studded functions planned and a new suite ready to hold the events, the only thing missing was a modular stage that could be stored away compactly when it wasn’t required.

Having looked through the Unistage website, The Westbury had an idea what they were looking for and the Set 24 multi level staging set seemed to fit their bill perfectly. With a very short amount of time to spare before the first function, Unistage could turn the staging around very quickly and get it in place for them in time.

The Westbury were incredibly impressed with the fast and friendly service.

On delivery the Westbury staff chatted with the Unistage advisor and it became apparent that the set they had ordered may not be the perfect choice for them. The dimensions of the room and the decor were taken into consideration and it was decided that Unistage would exchange a number of components and stain the Unidecks to suit their decor. With a busy run of high-profile events, the stage was needed and the exchange would after to wait until the Christmas period.

The New Year came, the exchange was made and the transformation of The Westbury suite was complete with much excitement all round.

Ellon Parish Church

After months of planning and preparation to open our exciting new Westbury Gallery we awoke one morning in sheer panic – we had failed to source and order staging units. We recovered with one telephone call to UniSTAGE Ltd!

With hours to spare before our first event on 10 October 2009, the team at UniSTAGE Ltd had zipped into high gear, sorted our needs and delivered absolutely beautiful stage units with what seemed like only minutes to spare before the first guests arrived for that very first conference.

The brilliant efforts of the UniSTAGE team in early October were matched with even greater success months later in January when after the dust settled from our first round of high-profile corporate and social events, the team fine-tuned our needs with a complimentary exchange of unit sizes and the replacement of our wooden tops with a new set perfectly matched to the unique coloration of our hard wood floor.

From start to finish the UniSTAGE team was clever, friendly and amazingly accommodating. Great problem-solvers all! And, now GREAT FRIENDS!

Director of Events, Joseph Cote, The Westbury