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Project Description

The end result looks fantastic and adds a great deal of flexibility to the newly refurbished church.

Appointing Taylor Design Services to re-design their church was the first step in a complete over haul for Ellon Parish Church. Their parishioners and clergy wanted a more flexible, multi functional worship environment and to make the most of their space.

Taylor Design produced a great concept for the church but needed a staging manufacturer to bring that part of their vision to life, and contacted Unistage to arrange for us to develop a platform to meet their needs.

Unistage created a completely bespoke stage that can be moved around and used in different areas of the church. The platform is carpeted to match the chosen decor and the steps are inlaid with carpet and the timber edges clear lacquered. Designing and manufacturing everything in-house enabled Unistage to truly meet the specification required and provide the client with exactly what they had envisaged.

Ellon Parish Church

Ellon Parish Church were looking for a versatile platform that would be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of situations and needs. This platform had to be reverent enough for a church but practical for services and other functions that will happen within the building.

Unistage’s strong light weight units provided the versatility and professional finish that achieved the detail needed within a church setting. The wood finish and carpet insets completed the look and the function required by the depth of events we undertake. The system is simple to erect and can change easily if need be.

A few things convinced us to use Unistage but the knowledge that we can add to it at any time meant we have the confidence in the long term life of this system. The pictures of the sanctuary say it all for us.

Reverend Stephen Emery, Ellon Parish Church